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About Best Aloe Vera Juice

What did Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra have in common? Both of these people knew of the immense benefits of using aloe vera for health and beauty. Alexander the Great is said to have purposely conquered the island of Socotra, off the coast of Africa, to obtain access to its supplies of aloe vera to treat his soldier’s wounds. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt used it as part of her regular beauty routine. Aloe vera has been mentioned in historical records since ancient times, the earliest being in the Bible and in Ancient Egyptian records where it was called “Plant of Immortality”.

Right up until today, aloe vera remains a popular medicinal herb for treating a myriad of health issues, both internal and external. Day by day Aloe Vera Juice is becoming a popular drink among the people since it helps in digestion and cleansing stomach.

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